Friday, September 23, 2011

Have Mercy Baby

pets that capture your heart
like the hairy albino longbean

its black scarf
the perfect evidence
of avant-garde treatments

its candy glass switchblade
audible unborn
to terrible timings


the world pet
like ornery grandma
she walks off senile
balls between her toes
nail gun at the ready

most pets
you feel sorry for people
who have to work in a submarine
the sharks
the real business people
that have to track and hunt down
every single meal

and they aren't stopping off
in a little cafe' to paint their toenails
their teeth are ripping through the gumbs

like a filth devourer
is hearty and futile
and like a shark
to grow
it must hunt
and track down every color
of toenail polish

poodle shark
gives a bouquet
of banal sex
to cretin garr bone