Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wild Wet Maiden, Your Great-Thumb So Green Above The Aloe Groan..

goodbye summer kiss
the rising chains of harmony~ bliss

watermelon launching with velvet saddles
the cool green liquid monkeys
and their terracotta cellphone pants

playing chess in a tree
with a cool green liquid monkey
whose schitzopodal cacti-cyclopian

goodbye summer kiss
the rising chains of harmony ~bliss

girl with two canteloupes in her frock
is singing through a shimmering bone
playing terracotta staircase notes on a


like a snickering bandito above the waist
reveals its fishnet stockings

silver werewolf eel
like a wave of shaggy silver trinkets
millions of summers and kisses
and harmonies
all interlaid
in the winnowing banjo's
smammoth western