Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Golden Foil

O billow, pillowed bodies
to the heir entrance a dyne
whole mondoi or monody exploded

Lord Monboddo
eyes replaced by augury's oil
aurum and toil to commence

tipped appeal
putting pear for tower
where pearl could perform
the whole heel
as the soft white titanium shoe
moves molten through
faun filters

Lord Monboddo
as each explain
see how its brain under vacuum glass
secretes a patterned sweat

and if snake or reeds
they give more of same
the marks
the gnarlish wedding
of the inkpot
to the throat-stringed cloud

harps as propeller blades
to lift the pillared jar
as pillowed bodies
march up
and into dread

and pass through
its true regality
is a flag
which flaps from a narrow slit
and may retract

that's the end
of it

tongue terminus terran fault line becoming

pi for conic aureum
takes compact bodies to integer


is burnished
by learned suppers

half faces to ward
the tasting leaves
should spread
an innocent day

ring torment
its bed

a halcyon siren construct

gilled suns
in stemless lotus