Thursday, September 22, 2011

El Culophone and Chew-Pee...

El Cellphone,
Why do hatchet-faced mens twist penguins
like lemons into the knickers?

the knickers are fast, long as a mountain
in wind and a burro goes there
like an accordion of squid-salamander skin,
like a skull whose body (the metro-burro)

is the clacking castanet head
of El Medusina..

El Medicina?

Gooey Duck.
Ding Dong.
Heteroclite Pump.

Snake jawed cast a net?


Indra rides a burro
down into the mine of balls
where he finds an old head
stinking like feet.

Sea. Feat?


El Cellphone.
Why do the poor manufacture more of themselves?

Because they are wily like the burro.
A burro will wander for years have enough food, do all the right things
to stay alive. He can find food, shelter, water, living is easy for the burro
because he is wily. She is wily.

But when the burro sees another burro doing anything, he becomes stubborn.
He would rather die than let the other burro learn anything new.

The burro is altogether
and stubborn.

But not Medusina?

No, Medusina
is like a twisted penguin
in my knickers.

She's like two-dollars
at a football game
where the beer is $2.10.

She has a big snake in her knickers
and knows right where to stick it.

She'll stick a snake
right up your burro!