Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Buttle, We Spy Thee Stuffing Your Wheat Collar..

are the twin logics
of the vestibule

one ascending in darkness
the other falling back
into light

soft yarage for the groundling
and bulloes for an inside
its damascene eye
meteor amidst the clapping

all wild in cities
the bodies
peak the furcula
with wouhlechung

fright peg slippers
the peeweep waves under solo

drone lands
to camouflage the star runchies
freckened to beyond

fredon mage fate flat
inferior pepo
of dogged sucking yarrum

with cold black pearls for eyes
come hollow into this music's
abrax sarpis arbor

a meld for indehiscent
and reniform plumicorns
pulsing on the crown
of the truglodyne