Monday, September 9, 2013

ah-loo, th' vissidrabainākais beteckningars

(III. iv. 161-5)

under the head of medicine
under the leaf-like hermes tugging down
all what pendant thriving the long sock-like kites
that spread before the minion order to the eye
cast up on a shimmering string
for pale yellow canary eggs sing
their blue gorgon yolk eyes mask arras combine
in the mine whose unprinced splendor
it all coheres the garden and the forest
all are gnomon

and the great lantern is rooted in the rests
one of four lovers' coins can be counted
Elizabeth's fish knows impeccable latine
sun and moon together think
emphatic roots Monboddo Ovid
the feather mantle houses hearth
whose oak is actors' speeches
sparking close to the knot aflame

gas ear envy aurochs
clement scarabs to
nous animal sent
sunt lumina and threw
for mulling the sapphire's
inked larescoy Prester