Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Minoan Courage (Henry Johnson Rushes Headlong Into the Fire to Save the Young Hart Crane)

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over crane-headed hart this tattoo on fantasy island THE PLANE THE PLANE red skies of Minraud contract their vaginal membranes Chief Israel Satinpenny is paradoxically compassionate and bitter he visited the Church of ChristPhysicalLocustday human behavior the perplexed protagnoisists ape the letter of the hero Alien Samson tied to Anti-Matter Nay-Cells nose like a caterpillar heart like a Crane tattoo sliding around and over the thick lips of his vagina one result of this dilemma is described in a letter to Anguilheim the writer who emphasizes spiritual values is

likely to have the darkest tattoo and Minoan Phoenician Sisleys paint his bird head deer crane Good Country People develop a capacity nose for candles The Red Badge of Maggie Magill these expressionistic symbolisms Chuck Norris in Hart Crane Tattooing Sailor Skins for Circe Each nude Clark Gable in Bird Head Hart Mina Loy Xindi Poe THE PLANE THE PLANE soft cordoban leather Tel Quel Tel Quel Gesu Khristeva said to Anthony Crane Pollock 'reglar livin hell': Although the Cordoba name was generally thought to be taken from the Spanish city, the car’s emblem was

actually a stylized version of the Argentine cordoba coin. Either way, the implication was Hispanic, and this theme was carried out with somewhat baroque trim inside and by having Mexican movie star Ricardo Montalban as the car’s advertising spokesman. Many remember his eloquent praise of its “rich Corinthian leather” interior (“Corinthian leather” was a meaningless term invented for the purpose, but has since come to designate leather with a vinyl surface treatment that requires little care). Naturalistic fiction which purports to receive its sanction from scientific method and deterministic philosophy is in the street, Minoan Tattooed infants which look like Hart Crane's

Third Poe Quel Xindi Cosine played of fought with other infants or sat stupidly in the way of vehicles. Formidable women from the Church of ChristT'PolPhysicallyattractiveMinoanBadgeof Anguilheim with uncombed tattoo hair and disordered dress gossiped or screamed in frantic Quarles. Withered persons in curious postures of submission to something sat smoking pipes in obscured corners Hart Crane Phoenician Minoan Tattoo Leather Wine Corinthian Poe Dagger Baroque Implication Ricardo THE PLANE THE PLANE Maggie's slum is the product of a very special insanity His mother's chest at length he reached a place where the high arching face of the tattoo looked brighter The Atlantean Mud Walrus was heaving painfully its face inflamed and swollen from drinking in the chapel. He softly pushed the green doors of her cramps, what's behind

it there is her behind is Pine needles were a soft brown Minoan Tattoo of HORNS THE SACRED HORNS they are often paralyzed near the threshold he stopped pulled out his phaser stricked at the sight of a THING the stricken eyes staring at the youth had changed MINOAN POE DAVID BRINKLEY BARBARA WALTERS CRANE the dull hue to be seen on the side of a dead fish the mouth was open its read had changed to an appalling CORINTHIAN physically atractive interior T'Pol gayest CRANE ever in CORINTH leather submission to something little ants fastened him sketches of the insidious depiction