Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sleeping while standing Marie-blood drama of fur

for Terayama Shuji, and

unpublished letter songbook
Lunar Eclipse - Let Ao in Racecourse
While blowing wind - Let Ao in Racecourse
Let's blue in the Racecourse
Ah, Wilderness - Horse Racing Threepenny Opera
Sleeping while standing Marie-blood drama of fur
Aphorism of -413 words of handfuls
Someone colander so the home
Abandon the Book, get out to town
girl poems - Recommended runaways
Conquest of Happiness - back street life version
Upside-down world history monster Den
Quotations in the pocket
Sports edition back street life
Jungle square Tyrone
I want to see a movie slowly
I stopped for a while the Earth
upside-down movie theory
Literary history upside-down black hair Hen
Recommendation of running away from home - modern youth Theory
There grassland losing horse
Hunchback of Aomori prefecture
Someone colander so the home - not like an autobiography
Blue woman Theory - upside-down love Lecture
Conquest of Happiness
Upside-down world history Heroes
Wonder Library
Museum magazine upside-down blue moth Hall
Longing for home to horse racing
Cruise Pollen

*all lines taken directly from's
automatically translated  title listings
for Shuji's Terayama's poetry books.

**In the late 1950's, before Terayama ever became famous as an avant-garde film maker, he shook up the austere and serious world of the Japanese tanka poem which had not been radicalized like the haiku form already had, even though people like Masaoka Shiki, Ishikawa Takuboku, Yosano Akiko had attempted to modernize the form. For a wonderful evocation of the complexities read the inset chapter by Steven C. Ridgely: