Sunday, September 15, 2013

popo illudo

evocation's gaze is strong the tiny ice parthenon balconlymainly looking out over all chimera-mera- mirror-moor in minor threading key meme mooning revocations' due for spreading the long white seed of its mind ice throws off green motions to the gaze, the animal page hunkers gnawing transparenseas:

 there is the sense that he wears a deeply brocaded robe and that while completely obscured inside of its eggshell monitor the head is the mouth cowry of a larger head one whose headdress bears a forehead mouth which sings and a headdress of fire as if a phoenix were putting its talons to cheeky purpose now there is a smaller agent a wiry bendy blue agent just stepping out of a vehicle a waxy pugged goldfish flyer with a touch of clown about the snouth perhaps we should rotate the canvas to obtain a fresh view the images seem to have ceased waves of oil and water skittering over squirming pebbled golems which seem to valence some sentence ocpirut ilundel airnodu now there is a pale blue stone octopus key reaching its white hot tendril through a thin ceiling of water a window in the water which is the hole of some indistinguishable letter whose character is obscured by rushing reflections there is a sort of explosion of feathered bat letters sharing momentary stone organs that spark not light nor shadow but pure color tiny green eggs which move by flagellum through particolored and lung-like puzzle spaces where a fire-like cloth crumbles into dancers ah now here is a feathered skull with a waxy purple cone for a nose his shoulders are submerged in a swirling maelstrom of magnetic stone puzzle armor pieces which are furred in tiny dioramas like fuzzy grottos of chromatic echinodermal lamb lanterns twist themselveen ervogurbrutaline there is an ink thin gazelle which stands up to sup nectar from a bubble brought by a coelocanth wearing a purple stone prosthetic chin which dangles a golden hook on which a green and white feathered snake letter is opening its gut flaps to show the luminous involuting baleen lutes whose nacred genitals look like panther liquid lounge chairs supporting simple yellow stone macaroni lexemes which tremble for the ink gazelle passes through every orifice in the painting the harlequin head with the flaming particolored penis nose is accelerating toward a hollow stone puzzle face whose chin is modulating into a golden lion chariot carrying a blue bat thing which is really just the head seen another way of the lapis minotaur herm whose crazy angry smirk brandishes twin luminous chin mushroom spheroids that each wear their own carved golden mustache scimitar blue stone lightning ladders pierce the harlequin's face the whole world is becoming a feather skull lava puzzle hlumfek taulruflin exquisite lapis lazuli antlers show luminous sumac pollen palps which fritter and strum the flowing lyre brocade which twists through their vexus the slow churning of the heavy feathered stone letters into a scene in which nude bird glyphs catch on fire but the flamings are swirling jelly worms pebbled with a crushed paste of heroic dancers a heavy purple stone mask is hung from a tree the mask is just an O with horns through which a green fish is trying to swim OWT but is captured here a yellow foam bullhead glyph sponge is crawling out of a swimming pool whose wall is tiled in pastel ambiguous puzzle busts which are imperfectly tessellated which gives it the sense of a churn of beautiful and crooked teeth overgrown with deep blue weeds whose stalks are wrapped with helixed pink straws which flow bat words into the eye upon the throat of a human headed snake who rides a horse like machine made of feathered bird glyph stones which are filled with magnetic grotto fuzz grottos of magnetic stone puzzle trees are attended by canary yellow amoeba glyphs darting between swarms of hovering feathered skullpebbles diana's laptop has feathered stone antlers and golden cuttlefish lanterns hover round her ruta-loom-mind-pelts held aloft by robin's eggs enunciating streaming flagella sentences a feathered buffalocust pupa is jettisoned from a reptilian orchidpuzzle grotto trailing magnetic fuzz smoke which metastizillions into chattering glyph collage skulls choking up feathers of mechanical magnetic capillary puzzle mandalas the harlequin unicorn's heavy alabaster penis flute horn is coughing magnetic puzzle feathers the heavy feathered stone yoke of the minotaur phoenix tree erects a solar emblem of singing pseudopods fringed with magneticblackchromefuzz the feathered bat sloth tree erects its capillaric magnetic puzzle wings armies of jade bat glyths fecundate the page a loose white leather deer tongue which is the cape of an owl of nictitating yolk skin eyes a yellow magnetic stone brain meteor spermatozoa crashes suppurating jaguar orchid glyphs upon the feet of the milk amoeba diana a magnetic stone tongue orchid puzzle removes a heavy feathered skull's lapis puzzle antler capillaries a spoon of oil for the mind of water a screaming golden crab chariot descends on wings of blue magnetic puzzle glyphs of nictitating bat egg foam Paul Sérusier wears a feathered chrome dolphin helmet whose purple stone antlers are frosted in robinsegglyres a white amoeba deer attends a purple stone minotaur head airplane hoards nictitating phoenix helmets six severed magnetic lapis tongues attend the white amoeba deer stamen diana held by invisible fields generated by puzzle capillaries flowing luminous fluids of serusian birdsong a feathered stone puzzle glyph skull dolphin dives into a nictitating mandala of jade orchid diana bat elephant gazelles which is formed from the grotto fuzz shaved from minotaur crab helmets a heavy stone glyph axe severs the minotaur orchid tree's head suppurating amphibian glass pebbles a parrot headed turtle bat phoenix absorbs its own pastel puzzle snake torso luminous canary yellow brain fungus is seen inside transparent eggshells their prehensile flagella allow them to anchor seahorse like in the maelstrom seizure of furred magnetic stone glyths which form a single psyclopian eye vortex a pastel blue and mottled green triceratops head zeppelin stands on snouth and horn as oracular tripod for batwinged purple stone guitar the golden amoeba crab orchid is mutating into a charging bull of nictitating jellyfish glyphs full of brain egg passengers the charging bull of dancing puzzle sivas is ejecting jade glyph houses furred in canary fuzz grain columns of starfish brains ignite into magnetic feather puzzles as they become a mobius stripe tiger trapped in pastel charging minotaur butter an aztec bat tree shaman holds up a bowl of luminous canary brains as offering to a jade glyph motorcycle witch stamen a skeleton shaman is writhing with orchid snake intestines ejecting pastel amoeba drug coins