Saturday, September 7, 2013

dream (kroon-bete-merkin)

in a round, or oval room, low, wide, backless divans, like roman dinner beds, surround a strange raised dais, or stage where a white sphere sits. with only a few exceptions, every couch is occupied by a young or middle aged woman, all wearing the same sheer silk shirts, and nothing at all below the waist, and there is a great deal of conversation going on, but the room is relatively silent. the communication is being carried out via a device resembling a small phallic analog inserted into the rectum of each lounging creature, but this soft squishy 'keyboard' is not visible, instead, a latex scrotum covering complex LED signalling testicles drape down from the cleft of the ass, and the women, or men in some cases, lay like odalisques facing obliquely, the messages of the surrounding loungers visible by means of delicate tiara which are equipped with small mirrors which hang at the ends of tensile metallic whiskers which allow the conversants to respond obliquely.. each message is short and quip-like, and the loungers repeat one another obsessively, and rhythmically, the flashing of the signal testicles becoming incantatory, a rectal cuttle poem.. the light in the room is dim and blue, and when the first burst of infrasound passes from the sphere, the loungers all enact the same posture, a kind of stylized 'Maja' pose, the testicles now performing as location sensors so that the infrasonic beams of the sphere will find their way to membranes of pleasure, but signalling continues, ecstatic flashes begin to mount as the sphere draws its beams across the venusian landscapes.

i saw a red worm gasp in a desert
flooded with nacre.

i saw a sexless nacre alien inside
an obsidian egg
riding in seas of sperm
where high carved cinnabar buoys
rocked and tumbled
and vomited black robotic seahorses
which kissed and frillicked unto suntances tender dinter
rudaga naga
bunting craft rith'nil'kroon