Tuesday, September 24, 2013

GO VIDA! (no more possible rhetoric to hide this)

thousands of small glass morphine ampules 
are worn like a heavy beard by a tall blonde 
amazonian woman nude riding a horse 


her noble black and white steed 
piebald bears a pattern of birds bursting 
across the continents the tiny bottles 
aren't really morphine they
boil light up they are morphing 
into butterfly thoraxes full of pixie dust 
they are syringes full of people dripping 
there are waxy scab buildings appearing 
on the equid arabesque continents 
there are birds hanging out of my skin 


her smooth body is a plum claw 
girded by golden robotic snake tusks 
with leprachaons in the little cockpits 
wearing devil masks carved from 
green hallunciatorii fungusts

leprachaon piloting golden snake tusk
leprachaon piloting golden snake tusk 
godiva hair is your nude bulbous nose
a peccary odalisque analog

does your fungust mask speak 
through forehead butterfly vagina

luminous clicking mandible scimitarsal 
do you wear lantern earrings swarming
morphing godiva

the chewy winter lace draws neer
the lepus gowns are lowing 
in the meadfolds 

your rabbit amoeba nipple fedoras 
are wandering
across my hoarse meat

your elbow skin nipple fedoras tufted in 
white rabbit butterfly horses are skittering
on elbow nipple skid plates 
and where the skid plate sparks there is 
a leprachaon, a cyclops rabbit nipple
and a small chocolate stain

there is a lovingly rendered cyclops 
Godiva nude, a leprachaun godiva rabbit
Eeh, what's up Doc?

your glass morphine fedora ampules 
make a heavy beard, curly golden 
snake tusks whirling are weird 
they move inside your white furred 
rabbit tusk

a leprachaon, and I'm sorry, I'm sorry 
to pull this meat out so abruptly in front of you
the fungal meatloaf of butterfly godiva 
its nipples squirting hot enamel
for a time
alice and godiva were one
in the glass ampule elevator
as dropped ever deeper into the long 
well of morphing

and as the hollow glass caterpillar horse hooka lit the way
Alice's pert young fedoras revealed their first cyclopses
riding a rabbit furred rabbit-skull like a horse 
Godiva dreamed of curly tusk fangs
growing like an enormous molten nimbus 
around her head illuyminathing great swathes 
of the underwoarldtward whaorldt

long thin purple godiva strangs 
strands ampules pop
butterflies cover the ears
the leprachaon control panel
is a mask
a golden horse vagina sprouting 
caterpillar cilia perhaps 
blind judgement is a hooka

and life's blind caterpillar a horrid leprachaon
armored in golden fungus
and puppeting beauty's godiva

maybe the beautiful puppet
puppets the super ego
Chaos is rabbits, and butterflies.