Friday, September 5, 2014

A Hymn to Poetry's Jailkeepers

hey will calm the barque

in in
in an

for if the thin and blinking string of the river's ledge
its jade step supporting braque

the carved onyx newspaper
in in
on one

bi-dis-placing corvid term

upon the transparent string (river (sting))
and upon the jet black infinite newspaper (yellow (theme))

het will calm the bark
whose tree the laminating flow pursley

let them in

your oaken prayer book barge with its bouquets of rioters
dada in expanse of omen

the ugly foot
the ugly ear

what is venus but water in the plain
of dada
brueghel adapting to the mummy hay

the luminous codpiece
across the dark cell

the heavy chains
of licorice

or that they only notice
the single glinting
the dark black veins
that root the sky
to a wrotten skewing