Monday, September 8, 2014

to say exactly what you most despise

the sybil's magician sits by the sea
in a grey suit and dark sunglasses
beneath the sea
sea it says
here is the sybil's magician
drinking wine with the sybil until
some rude fellow sits down
asking for a cigarette
and you notice the sybil's
blue and purple striped dress
the bottle of wine
the unopened cigarettes
which the magician has finally opened
now that the rude man has returned to the street
leaving only a lingering fume of some kind
nothing is specific
and the sybil is looking off into space
and the magician is reading a newspaper
and the sea is grey like ashes
like the suit of ashes the magician wears
and all the words that explain this
whatever they are like a rude man or woman
from the street they are at least
written in cursive letters