Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lanny Quarles politicality

Lanny Quarles politicality is about the refractivity and intractability of desire, but desire under the aegis of social legibility as underwritten by formalism, and it is these inertial ideological formalisms which constrict its fluidity creating radial and polaristic determinisms in which extreme centralisms are pitted against plural outliers. Social legibility is a myth, as is its fundamental purpose. Human society has no function in the universe, therefore it is a dilemma of constructionism never at variance with the fundamental refractivity and intractability of desire itself. It is, sui generis, a problematic vector. Its problematic derives exclusively from its sui generis state, and its primary, or fundamental concession (axiom) that organic embodiment is desire, and necessary. This fiction is the performative element that returns politicality to the unconscious, and to narrativity. The Death drive so often spoke about is a misframe, a mythframe. The axiomatic performativity of the embodiment / desire couplet renders a singularity, or narrativity drive, which as formalist social legibility performs politicality as a ritualized pageant of its own unconscious and yet also, non being is political as well. Chemical structuralism, valences, aggregate systems can also be understood as the refractivity and intractability of desire (rendered as structure), thus politicality is an extension and recapitulation (mirror, doppelganger) of chemical structuralism which is commensurate with the sensorium. Since the sensorium provides an anecdotal gloss (the rising index of episteme), so too should its social formalisms of desire (anecdotal gloss) follow a rising index of episteme, but they will still be determined by the original sui generis constructionism of desire, ie the function / narrativity drive.. The only sane thing to do is to render creativity the functional operand (or socially legible avatar) of divinity (the whole why weirdness of the existence of the universe)..