Wednesday, September 10, 2014

claustic roboratus

leathery age the bent black cream
the onyx rod fondling only with length
this ourodad to the plem of ink
and the veins will make pictures
in the cold clear jelly

its haunt is to trick out the image
and thus
with the crease of light upon the water
with the leathery armor
its hypo-slits fit for jellied prisms
gawk ponsitippled would

one sees tables of friends or listeners
or desparent kindred in throes of longuetude
force its echoid

what fame shakes the hyoid
what conspiracy means
is that this
is already shaped like you

a green camphor
which joins its ardor to the pictures
of the veins
and in their unknowing threads
bestows its boon

that indecipherable importance
silk so indistinct from holy spring
and ploutonic koeurbowellen

a string clear tongue atroth with stoa
and along its covered walkway
thin hair-like fangs which touch at the tips
and grow from beneath

in the purple pocked agates
that slug's foot
with groaning ghost faces

their heavy brass sideburns
of mantises so paradoxically ephumeral

fun errow
stands up again
for maverick cupid