Thursday, September 4, 2014

what is a brane but the page of a book

ahu arashi arosh ari
his main head was first
but it was not alf

alf was an alien beast
but the beast came first

there is no curse in moses
things disappearing all the time
abbot botnet bah humbug bahahaha

tiny people
we lived in the skull of a bull
gorgeous green skull
the pink fungi
fringe the nasal bone
what it says in french

tâche tache tsk tsk
brun broe brin bre sprig
mesure measure mazure

nude knot
no node

noeud heure nez nait naît
nitre e caduc eus
fall silent into speech

what innocence was babble
when the whole and unidifferential scene
would play the rape and eating
in its bowells for theater
which no one attended
but all

awl for arc
for non-tonic screw

laugh and enter
la fenêtre

Ce lac dur oublie'
que haunt tres sous
le givre

so lack dear you
bleat keats yule

what cursed the silence best
was beasts
no foul unstable histle

what is a brane but the page of a book