Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Gnewt Reel Eases (and storts the oft)

prang my baubles
kif my riddles

like detergent in a theorbone
gluey all-phanned and dour with imperial bliss
the herculean blob of human gloss

one thin nameless tree or dandelion
spreading winds for galapagos
connected at the head

some galaxy collapsed into superdense sperm sphere
with its own ecosystem of trumpets

green jesters tidying up with special black stone scythes
their foolsboats of foolscaps in a sea of eyes
what is necessary mean does know?

doe's eyes
sun as whisper
thin optic whisper

the fullest subtle
intro physics
ideology zoom in
the vestigial arms of tyrannosaurs

money sun as whisper zoom in
the mouths of killer whales
a mask designed as a potent ancient weapon

spring-loaded jaws
coils of rope that thread through the sleeves of maille
some old german thinking about cannon balls

and then the whole meteorite of history
a candelabra

the immense silence of holding its breath
and its explosion
into diamond salamanders carrying little jungles on their backs

the sad desert still subtle
brute bleak
but knowledge

to the mask
that soft blue transparent petal riddle writtle writ for road
the engine rote atom rite

how many times it pause
to consume

time sit pause

heart divided by code
and earth-art

bakelite obverse perverse descend
when light house snake among
the stromatolutes' come hither
weather vestibule

for experiments to render early protein
karl marx chuckling among the gypsies
that cloned the final program

once an inch worm mocked the
glacier enhanced panzer of formal care
foam is distant within
the great wall's circulating skin

golden mongol cocoon
to fall beneath the scowl pelf
of romance add any prefix
to mantic and beware

the grey sac of its tooth
grand tufa pipe organ cathedral
winking to its sidecar of incandescent coral

and edge the nose down
onto the shallow ice
for our game would keats a rooster tale

while the vast sled of its daze
careens into the starry tarpit

voles creamy in their baby-like
chin hands
the fear of being now

worts a chewy rubber nipple