Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pogo-Stick Lantern

born from the loins of industrial farce
and those of pleasant mystical nudity
the aerie child Komplexitie was not unlike
a boiling blush of skrything rimpelkopf
upon the space ocean's transparent

but first wood is shy and
first water confusing
and Koomlexitie hidorhissedherslave
into the manythingswovencovenovens
a conversation

between von humbolt and faust your marzi pan
saying radon radon klaxon for your
abstract bathroom rug
hairy stones in a constellation whisper
Komplexitie (doing nasal netty pots in distant rooms)

a green ceramic boar
as big as a house
and the spongy furniture inside
all made of hair and string things
pubic public the blue rider
lantern mites filling up the grids
bridges of lanterns with their own
balconies of lanterns
and the strollers along the bridge
with their lantern hats
talking of lanterns

and long luminous hares
which waft like smoke rings
upon which cities float
cities of bathing beauties
like gelatin hourglasses
filled with grains of starfuss

Komplexitie blushes
and covers hershelf
a golden goat's head vomits lapis colored
mantis robots into your lap
to make it a hat
your body hanging like a floppy wet tri-corne
over the head of the sunset

and inside the huge empty
cubical black granite room
at a little desk made of vibrating pearls
Quentin Matsys sketches Margaret

no folly no scream
no ice cream doilies
first wood floating
in first water