Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Night Digger (1971)

lode tzun
or foo
as within the two consecutive
mornings' visits to the water closet
reading basil bunting's persia
but somehow disappointed
with no definitive mention
of daruma wobbling schmoo-like
atop some feral lamassu
and what of the meander
the lightning black roads
pounded flat by leathern feet
the shift to endless camouflage
what has really happened here
nazca nazca mud pyramid
and monster deity
lode tzun
of foo
what oh what
would it say
that whole day
and especially the leaf
if the leaf was primarily ribald
that's it
and then and that so what
if to in for?
and just like a schmoo
riding on a lamassu
it gets no gold medal
but it still bears the whole graceful history
of the formal english garden
utan minsta bry