Monday, October 24, 2011

Free Cake For Salon Columns

Wrigley's famous melting sphinx-squid
I shouted Gombula
and its teeth were gum cakes
propping up windows
through which the wounded elite were led
by their etron cameosouls

deploys the metal storm kite
and little bocky is strapped in
peering out of the gondola
pink fizzy cola extras
doodling in their cellpomes

the temple long lyre shaft
the shaft bell pony
the radial shaft for circular lyre
the aeolian elevator head
the lyre head helicoptor bell

suave backflip in crutches
solvent sinking quick sand

beer chowder detective
corn gun
for opera to jade armor

the white jade armor
is 17 meters tall
and is the only audience

muscular lines
detribe the innocent
legionaire body bilders