Monday, October 24, 2011

Winnebagel Cave insert For Macedonian Dingbot Emperor

mask strudel

caterpillar coma studs
to harvest young fung blu
from literal beet foetus envelope

blue rox (seed)
in deep maroon (meet-earth-existence-fruits)

Alexander says
to nude witch baby epaulet phones'
tabular gracchi hin-dex
vox populi loti tu beni buto azir
von hyliguh-phonologohugu

a baby with pneumatic skull bladder
begins rising to the surface
it stops when the tether to its heavy metal
price tag
reaches full extension

soon the ceiling
with may fly mud splat
will be all the quid
in economic absalom

Finnigan's Faulkner
is CV Clown's culo,
thermos brand thunderware
and both cleem the cargo onto state will.

Alexander Hegelbean!
Target the bombing in alignment
with the world’s shopping!