Friday, October 21, 2011

RAGNARROK (raging flame goon)

Goon Titian to make an appearance!
inside the sunk flat...

Raging Negotiator Caldari Vortex Research Institute
Originally by: Raging Negotiator.
did a good'n just flame another goon? Shocked

Eric Nystrom stripped off his
force hendu GRAMS: Crackling flames,
fire brigade bell, steam

Finally I will have Titian Oxygeddon attack
raging flame sprite & two Hydrogeddons will attack
the green haired Venetian goon, ending my turn.” Said Sinko
Sunko Sanka

Burn Baby Burn Something,Something Inferno‎
Shocked ... Art House Goon ... Peter is an overweight
homosexual with a wry wit and a subtle lisp; Raymond
is a raging homophone riddled with affexual vepression and a
Dragon Orb Mirage and Dragon Orb Flame sale

Thumbnail 0:38s ... Waka Flocka Flame
little bitch on cod
GOO Goon-chung
I need to get back to the embassy
Urban Dictionary: elitest ass
we may now use Arcane Thesis

This culminated in a mass "ascention,"
where goons spent several days mimicking
and jacking off to Titian Oxygeddon's

about Gohan and Bojack
real money burns them up
fuck those punks
I sit back to watch the white hot molten eternal flame of silver
and gold, it's stupid, extreme, and goons come shooting out

vivid and ludilucredous
If mom's a bong
you're the smoke!

Image from Nathalie Djurberg at GL Strand