Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hive Physics Torking Zoo Horns

Zap Kidget

how could he
have harpooned the head
of Jeff Kikoons
while standing on a sled?

S. Kilmore

you hate when
people make baby talk
about orangutangs
wearing tricornes
and ripping the skins
from banana android starlets
which spray sake'
and high pitched shakuhachi

tricornes decorated like cakes
gold buntings
golden cicadas
red transparent rubbies
like boodoo

take shrine of ruby boomerangs
take jimmy to green batter

if we love the territory
then gateway country islands
link protest to
"Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries"

human small
space large

gold coins of austria
need hippie farm house owners
with inflatable panta lawns

for giant crystal hive vehicles
and hair cocoons

what is sensitive?
what is full?

buttery nipple cameras
of Peter O'Toole
and the little people.

Romanesque Aliens.
Neck Togas.