Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maniac Ball Shade. Dark Folio Ting.

sulphorworts succory~

que bien merece besos de espuma
la concha nácar, nido de amor

in my white and light nacelle
Crossing the blue waves of the lake

farman, pusher, lightning
when drug thick ringlets push out from the squirrel's hole
the burst of love between you

us, oui
when the snake that lives inside the snake
gives birth to a snake from its mouth
within its foam kiss, there is a spherical boat
Omak Newton bears the crushing rose,
the crimson armadillo-wrestling rose

/doodle blogue/ autosemantico ting

a slow boat whose structure is complex
though dumb like the mantel of a grasshopper

inside it you drift
leopard bottles sloshing in your neck holes
but when you touch this
roots, hybernia, pop bottles' grasshoppers
thick disquetions upon tangled fingers
your rapt quivering extortions of rhapsody
the orgasmix of recording the twins
who are criminals (twin leopard heads are connected by a pearl)
in the distant rooms of those secret clubs

only one strange door allows access
to the gekko (leopardon)
the 'via gekko' whose tale
is like Nemo in a lampshade

Nightshade Vonggole. subsanar.

It is the Titanic Virkoko
which didn't sink
and became a hotel
for annoying rich people
setting out to continue their beautiful lives
against the assinine backdrop
of all these callous footed natives
shinnying espee
the hog-balled tropic trees
for mimi wash and chukchu mumbo:

en mi barquilla blanca y ligera
Cruzar los ondas del lago azul

Mientras los remos corten las olas
Alzando triste, lugubre son

Who was the devil-footed Nero
among the odd and shambling gnostic bulldog people?

Zoot Soot Tooth Screw.
History will screw me. That's certain.
But you will be screwed too...