Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Lyric Tuskings

eco mudemco
gods break in the azure air
Richard Hamilton
to hoard and herm
these nodules of the eternal index
Ezra Velocidad

each winged grey banana of ontologos
a sufi in woolen tornados
the funnelling:

cách in fogur
et nícon·ḟitir
cid as·beir

as they say
as the wavy
years like hooqla
through head boned

selaya selata
Shel la Jaya
Quid dico?

pykälä squids whose mantel
are of smooth faced die
its splitting eating
the loathsome poetry voice
was the trying on of numbers
by laces in their honroes

the city a liver
as the wavy green silver limning
was a cold liver
of washable salutations
mermaids like crooked galleons
of a hundred million parts
now they say the foam of rooms
is subsiding

winter's cedars are tuned ince die snout
its purple ivy snouth the reckoning
burls for sale in roadside sawmills
russian river
snake river ukiah
we came in van to
a girl of San Diego
took me in her mouth
as dusk was made crescendo
while I lay on a stump
bigger than a family's table
El Cid enters Bablieca

Oh Suckling Bibliocracy!
their sacred hong powdery
hair maid to stand
and born in 1967
a quid to plural kids

The inherent nature of something.
Five squid on a sandwich? You're having a laugh!

pound, punt, euro
snicker, sov, in
Etymology, a 3rd Variant of cud:

Duke (monk)
Pedro El Grande gave it
its name

Peggy Sue (preggy sous)
Babieca! (stupid!)

but the sweet water
glazes the upturned nipple
as poor Joe
has remarked

For I am El Quid
eloqum cum tormento
coinage by the werthquake

the symbolic order
is like a weird murder
and we make love in it
as falcon weasels
tricking out our jawbones
in solar genie moths

barbarian grandeur

the rustic camp
of mystery
the shag
of machinic herald....