Monday, October 17, 2011

Negative Remains of "Line"

Annoying and Impoverished
the species lingered on for a bit longer
but was not exactly worth the effort

the massive social expenditures excited no one
corruption was how to put it
uninteresting ie the standard (normal)

the species itself seemed incapable of anything
but reruns

even the individuals who exalt
the individual seemed to have no stomach
for the more alchemical solutions
ie achieving escape velocity

barely muddy
consciousness continued on
as a sort of broken record

history like a hiccough
and Phanes

like a burning light in the sky
whose reality
as a sort of anti-divinity
no one could quite 'get'

when all it really meant

'slow organic engineering'

or "experimental breeding"

memics floundered
and died

and the only thing left
was bickering
and silence
every point is valid
and invalid

matter is always
a wheelchair for memics

idealism has been disproven
and one wonders
at how poignant

life itself as aphorism

earth is interesting
but ultimately
an 'objet cautionaire'

a tiny tale to illustrate
the conundrum of complexity
to the utopia
of nothingness  /