Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A New Economic Psyche

kun terse
or eastern
egg knuckles

spoorkenyo mio mito
spod yung boggit

javerillium fit tiflim mut uhulu
twong begang dero k'dit
dero tewaro
dero ombrillio pee fy drole
dun amnobtilloon y grill hobbinkrox
foose bit stangki nooscom fodgilene

Ezra Gauguin
Kamerehareha Quid

use a bird's head
little red riding anvil

Pundit riding lupine ass
Ass cherry pundit pandit flagellum motor oil

lumpy mouse channel mercury
to save the bubble boy accordion space

Golden Knight to Enter Tropicalia
Mirrored Golden Knight with Obsidian Anubis Bot underbody
to Enter Tropicalia after exiting the obsidian jungle pyramid

a psi-chao-analytic brevity
of the cruel optimism

a real hand invisibled
by familiar narratives
about the pathological