Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Contemporary Wish for Restoration

in a limpid ess
in a limpid smoke
Rose Marie is calling
to the blind man

does she come up from milk
or rest her knee on a buried pelvis
Rose Marie is calling

does she rest her arm
on a black fungus brain
atop a crooked black and broken back
Rose Marie is calling

Asett Noissse Zzurge
Arrhe Mutt is to Art Mutt
what Shitte Mutt is to
Shit Mutt
Rose Marie

a great and polar atmosphere
puts a shit eater
on its sweet end
and a shitte teeter on its sour
Blind Rose marry

the general formula thus reads:
The Claire Twins
are my eyeglasses
and a fountain fuels
the mute (supplication)

yet it is articulated
on either side of a pure
signifier of difference
the one that the GREEN BOX
named accordance

Eilshemius knows
that a bright untutored wilderness
speaks out from the air
and that the soul of desperation
is the long foul wide beach
of claustrophobia
John Merrick Casaubon

algebra the lovely
to replace
all the jibbering
with babbling

Rose Marie is calling
to the mad bind