Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kung Fu

Kung Fu

Supervenience which means literally
coming or occurring as something novel
additional or unexpected from super
meaning on above or additional and venire
meaning to come shows occurrences in
the Oxford English Dictionary dating back to 1644

In April 1644 Li's rebels sacked the Ming capital of Beijing
and the Chongzhen Emperor committed suicide
The Dashing King had taken worm-phoenix poison
from Ai the usurious magistrate
If you strike a pail of water first remove
the poison salamander
monks ghosts and grannies

The ides of a 32nd March
in a Nun's Priest's Tale
whereby the vain cock Chaunticleer
is tricked by a fox
a poison devil reveals
the poisson d’avril

Ethics may be the fool's holy day
but it isn't easy to see down
a crooked pipe
especially when its gushing
baby rabbits into your lap!