Wednesday, January 14, 2015


(gravesward, greensend, and gourest)

 Hale Goat Verbose Glint Beginning Revolts Noblest Giver Blots Veering Be Novel Trigs 

Be Sloven Grit Be Sloven Trig Be Lent Vigors Lard Zed Ox Blah Rib Zen Branch Load 

Banal Chord to the hoarde its glimmer yes, these brass uraeus dangling or coiled and 

dipped in powdered lapis suspended in honey and hanging by a black iron bracket 

at the bases of grey velvet columns perhaps these uraeus are glass spigots then 

and the glass columns from which they modulate are covered with grey velvet and 

the columns hollow and filled with honey yes, syntaxis a Harbor Visor and Ravishing 

Orb of Or or And the roaring orb shivers Expend Vizir Prized Vixen Zed Riven 

Pix Zed Vixen Rip Zed Viper Nix and Din Prize Vex Maniac Hive Pit Avian Chime Pit 

Avian Mice Pith Each Vitamin Pi Machine Vita Pi Emphatic Vain I Hepatic 

Vain Mi Chancre Mild Hex Ax Drench Chi Elm Ax Lord Nod Zen Nix nor 

zandox velvet columns lapis suspended Lent Vigors covered with uraeus 

dangling Vain Mi Each Vitamin Trig Be Noblest Giver Hive Pit the glass 

Vita Pi or coiled Vex Maniac Verbose Glint of grey Zed Riven then and Pix Zed 

hoarde its orb shivers uraeus are velvet columns or And bracket at Hex Ax 

columns from Rib Zen modulate are in honey Branch Load Lard Zed Prized Vixen 

and these brass Vixen Rip Visor and Pi Machine Chancre Mild of Or nor zandox Nix 

and yes, syntaxis Drench Chi Expend Vizir grey velvet Be Novel perhaps these Zed 

Viper glimmer yes, a Harbor Ravishing Orb columns hollow Emphatic Vain which 

they I Hepatic and hanging Beginning Revolts glass spigots in powdered to the Zen 

Nix Sloven Grit by a Elm Ax Blots Veering the bases black iron and filled Lord Nod 

Banal Chord Avian Chime the roaring and dipped Mice Pith Trigs Be Be Sloven 

Hale Goat with honey Pit Avian Ox Blah Din Prize