Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ma Bougie Est En Laine

Isis is waltzing with the Teaparty
Edward Alexander Westermarck
reading Ashbury's Martory watching
Beans Morocco in Steelyard Blues
Hillbillies and Extremists (pg. 369)
Don't shoot your targets over water!
If you can't beat 'em ... drive 'em crazy!
Pierre was my first poodle's name.

I'm just like Sutherland / dangerous
the best line in the whole poem
And my mother with her profile drawn on the wall
Has gone out early to drink absinthe / or
My mother will abort a black and red prince
Is poetry an aristocratic anarchism?
Is Ideology the Pygmalion effect, the Narcissus effect,
or the Medusa effect all ravishing Jane Fonda
in the world of a ringletted afro?

And does Jane Fonda represent an ethnic Eloi
in Steelyard Blues? A Morlock is waltzing
with a line from Pierre Martory: The cinemas
are full of shadows: A past that will be
the permanent future / One hears very ancient
languages spoken:

On the goddess Kotamma temple woollen market way
there is a rocky roof shelter for  shepherds and sheep
to stay at night up to morning

could it be that the social design of the ancients
was simpler purer and makes a mockery
of all our advanced "monadic design"?
sometimes you still feel like slapping the mother
for the orneriness of her crayon celery celebrity-->
Mad Magazine does H.P. Lovecraft

children must have
their woollen market way
wu lin  無 林 who they?
You can't seem the forest
for the trees..