Thursday, January 15, 2015

The World Emblem of Gilgamesh

scene: ancient sumeria or something

Gilgamesh is relaxing at home after a long journey of mourning
and long hard day of more of less absolute kingship

Well, I wish you would've called before you came over..

I came as fast as I could. Strangely enough the herb of immortality
grew right under my body and I guess it sort of resurrected me?
You feel like hanging out?

I was just doing some reading, nothing really,

Who's the dame, Gilg?

Oh. well, that's my new Queen
Cher of Zodd..

Now that I'm here, I'm not feeling so well.
That herb of Immortality seems to be doing
something else!

I know just what you mean.
This herb here is called Frank, and by that I mean
it told me its name was Frank.

No really I don't feel too good, wha~ What's that?!

Oh that's just a photo of you before you died! Not sure why the eyes are so big..

That is really freaking me out man!

My eye is really getting big!
It feels like my eye is the size of the whole world!

Take it easy Enkidoo!
I'll be back in a couple of hours, just like to get in 9 holes
while Queen Sure-Is-Odd
works on some dinner for us, or at least for herself,
but she always makes SOO MUCH!!
there's sure to be some left over
for us..

Enkidoo falls deeply asleep 
having arrived at the palace of the his friend
now King of all Sumeria
Gilgamesh, and falls immediately into a paroxysmal dream
of ecstasy dread and wonder..

This is me Enkidoo
dreaming of Gilgamesh.
Our friendship
is a child
viewing our backgammon game
from a balcony..

Ink can do any language
just about,,

traditions are streams of symbols
just like languages..

 “Tavern-keeper, should not my cheeks be emaciated?
Should my heart not be wretched, my features not haggard?
Should there not be sadness deep within me!
Should I not look like one who has been traveling a long distance,
and should ice and heat not have seared my face!
..., should I not roam the wilderness?
My friend, the wild ass who chased the wild donkey, 
   panther of the wilderness,
Enkidu, the wild ass who chased the wild donkey, 
   panther of the wilderness,
we joined together, and went up into the mountain.
We grappled with and killed the Bull of Heaven,
we destroyed Humbaba who lived in the Cedar Forest,
we slew lions in the mountain passes!
My friend, whom I love deeply, 
   who went through every hardship with me,
Enkidu, whom I love deeply, 
   who went through every hardship with me,
the fate of mankind has overtaken him.
Six days and seven nights I mourned over him
and would not allow him to be buried
until a maggot fell out of his nose.

and I am 
that sweet maggot!
and a joyful COSSACK!

Gilgamesh's golf game
isn't going so well..

I see it!

Enkidoo get up!
It's time to EAT!
Are you feeling any better??

I do believe
the herb of Immortality
has gone into some form of remission.
My hallucinations are growing more quiet..

I feel you!
But! But!
What about Gilgamesh!

Where there's time for death, there's time for love!
Fuck this place! It's stupid!

I remember it this way all my life
in pictures!

I'm hooooomme QUEEN!
How's Enkidoo??

I think he's out in the swamp rummaging in some of your old junk..

I'll help you put away the dishes dear!

I really appreciate that!

'm off to bed dear.
I had to take care of Enkidoo
while you were weregolfing
with your pens..

Oh sure, yeah.. Gnight!

hmm, okay. let's see what we got to drink here..

This face is still sort of freaking me out..

Well then come in here and let me take the edge off
with SOME WRY!

ok Gilg..
It is so good to be home with you
my very best friend!
I love you man.

Hey man.
I love you too..