Monday, January 12, 2015

My Other Mirth

Surrounded and leaderless, the Teutonic Knights began to retreat.
Part of the routed units retreated towards their camp.
This move backfired when the camp followers turned
against their masters and joined the manhunt.
The knights attempted to build a wagon fort.

Agon is his own forte'.
Usually depicted carrying dumbells
or haltings, the thing which sticks
is the thing itself, which is everything
including nothing.
Nothing sticks. Something sticks.
The thickness of this stickyness
has stuck with us.

ToooT! Toot! TooT! too! Toot!
Butterfly joining negative arc, the space
pulled in toward the rumpus.
Krampus! Krampus!
you dance with old Teutonic knight!
around Livona in a wagon!
Philip Roth is the Professor of Desire!

an ode, then; the beach beneath the paving stones
a Pynchonian Itchuationiste: The Night Digger
is a 1971 British thriller film that was based on the novel
Nest in a Fallen Tree by Joy Cowley.

It was adapted by Roald Dahl
and starred his wife Patricia Neal.
The Night Digger was the American title;
it was originally released in the United Kingdom
as The Road Builder.