Wednesday, January 7, 2015


At age 19 Aurélien Marie Lugné-Poe
entered the Paris Conservatoire
and became part of the Théâtre Libre
a private naturalist theatre run by André Antoine

At that time he decided to be called Lugné-Poe
in homage to the American poet Edgar Allan Poe
and he also claimed sometimes to be a distant relative
but it is not true these Neo-traditions often perform

as if they are Terroirists for instance
if you rotate Felix Vallotton's 1899 masterpiece of Cloissonism
A Day at the Beach or  Een dagje naar het strand
one still finds a memory of Poussin
as played by Charles Philipon and Honoré Daumier
whose costumes are such that they stack

and so Poussin becomes then a pearish (Les Poires)
King Louis-Philippe to tell you
that the world-for-us is also a world-not-for-us
a green flamingo whose delimited skull
opens upon a vast and grassy realm
of rolling and endless behaviors
like an ostrich ducking its head-stool in charivari

nobody will come to hunt you
if you call the earth a strange smaragdine flamingo
Dutch author Heere Heeresma will not arrive to execute you
nor will Roman Polanski or Simon Hesera

This whole planet is set in a rundown Danish seaside resort
depicting a day in the life of Bernie
a self-destructive alcoholic (played by Mark Burns)
as he takes Winnie (Beatie Edney)
a young girl with a leg brace
to the resort despite constant rain