Wednesday, January 14, 2015


so now let's get close enough to kiss its
beautiful idiotic catatonic face
close enough to see the pink hypersieve
beneath its teeming skin and

kgmm kgomm kgomm
butter flung your gumkey rumpinion blomb
down from dingly dell
fiction is already a vast mine
of societal design
don't let the public school scum
take all the spotlight

(image by Reiner Langer)

for the head koala
isn't god desu the alien
somehow like a mothering scrotum
hiding a wormhole
in the center of theleology

what harpy magnet leavens
song from a mood for moods sake
raised wooden river walk
purple rushes by

and people wonder why we paint
its head so full of clitoris and graiae
jason the crystalline seed pod microphone
suddenly orders shakespeare
to get his Ichabod Crawn Headskate
out from the menu

and find a little folger served by bolger
for the brackish kid plates
everconnecting in leprachlaunountown