Friday, December 16, 2011

50 Drawings to assassinate magic

An idealized slice of Swissified cheese is
sat upright on the narrow linearism of the
thing's most convergent vertex, as per its own
would-be extrusive triangularity which is also
used, as the chassis or trunk of a seminal
anthropomorphism, Sponge-Bob Square Pants.

The face, big-eye-lidded and primal, has only
a smallish, upward turning arc, or creshentickly
jargonized mark to determine its mouth, and some
vague paddles or syringes, or blinders for limbs.

The little stick legs have radicalizing spikes that
extend from the patellan place, or spaceholders,
and where the trunk abrubtly terminates, there
is an unlikely satellite dish jutting down from
an ambiguously articulated stob. 

This is no ordinary Sponge Bob.

And like two dangling earrings hanging down
from either side of the head, there are two
old-fashion telephone hand-pieces which
would actually drag the ground (if there were any).

Here is what he says:

Deter Elunellis a taint of
temperate maintenbuch any
gneule of feund ça fute d'
lommelm~auryas tu start to
meme-branez desporsa vibut
lite' de la mahogonee fecal, a
qui un yeni-eux maliniburent.
Vaso va Laurovain ou dithibug
ça verti fete fustable' a di ulennea
ment fre. Quantable', Je dis ounabe'
auson un jouaulirner le mairson enne
outre' bustible' et funable' aux gout.
Sonsunfurtive' a blas at d'un
shalvids. Volu!