Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beware the Brightness of the Moon..

more women, more witchcraft
attempting to construct something
from poor materials
it is a small still-life,
pink shrimps on a piece of pink paper
wild creatures
both of us confetti lamps
inverted tigers seen through optical
pleasure attempting to construct
something from the poor
half-suffocated stenches
circus demands a caress there's
nothing to do but to pick up

he saw a tool
which floated on the face
of the water
more women, more witchcraft

Van Wyck Brooks
Leon Bazalgette
exporting pictures
to the Guano Islands
pink shrimps

Dis, qu'as-tu fait, toi que voilà
De ta jeunesse?

the same as if he
borroweth from the Omnipotent
attempting to construct
something woman with fox