Friday, December 16, 2011

piano cianotipico

an unhealthy mouse
has found its way inside the chef

and a single tiny horse's leg
squirms amid the desolation
of the vast iron blazon

svariti hellenismi
svariti sorat

oars rosa soars
toward the sic sick moose
cylinder moose
train oil forbidding isolation tank landscaping
over three lions’ heads erased gules

tinnietur for loco motive
and major axis recline

what zesty rafforzasti impel
framförande forevah mate
adripueramus parasoul
huruf retallaran aloitella

ich interstinguo...

[Chryses]: Σμινθεῦ! a fess dancetty between
10 perpetiendatum, finge' cum älykkö..

[Von Ouvo]: We dwell hence in Miletus in the
mouse of the nomsphingochefi..