Friday, December 30, 2011

Sex with the Afterlife of Cornelius.

Serene Yellow Frog God
who floats in obscure gelatin
hallucinating, I am Cornelius
son of Caesar and

I died
when the cut branch
gave way

When ape
killed ape...


Look into my eyes, O Cornelius, for
I am the Serene Yellow Frog God..

Witness the transmigration
of the golden sperm robots
into the cathedral maw of the obsidian shrimp being
whose tail is luminous lump brain meat..

Witness the levitating spinal jelly analogues
as they exit the blowhole city of Kurum'bah
where the tentacle headed hylonauts
raise their telescopic pouch hands
to the glory of the quivering bone assemblage icons:

Bone of my bone
jelly of my jelly
icon of my icon

Cornelius, you see me
as the Serene Yellow Frog God
whose eyes are as kaleidoscopic tree rings
making Aquaman sonar ripples, but once
I was Jean Shrimpton, a starlet of Swinging London.

Come now into my Beatitudrome,
and mount your golden sperm robot,
for you must journey
to my Bacterial Skull Mine
to dig forever

Caesar and Lisa
look over you, and Francisco Goya,

Take up your golden brain entrail-section laurel
with obsidian tuning fork tiara extension
and mount the golden sperm robot.

Take up your noisy dildo nose
and chin scoop, and RIDE!

But beware the butterfly clown fruit extruders!
and the lavender hippie nippled koala octopus
of infinite transparent postage stamps...