Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pity's Pig a Green Bottle Bedroom.

foo swell:
how tender tears
to leap the flame
must bargain not
with flasp or homen:
barge in!

boat foo
jades a shoe like ship,
and smooth fleshe
could sinew a wave' ethos
to eros

what an unspeakable and crashing silence
is the word, a boat?

a flesh boat knew
how brain shoes ornament their fading line
on the waters.

fooshu gong din:
when thinking breeds its remote control
to tell a vision or alter the poles:
then would fortresses of solitude
as crystallography's wild
erratic brother
ungovernance governed!

wild chaos beyonds the all
and sleep's mole pity pumpkin could provide
the purest green pig, a green milk skull
for bedroom-carriage

as if the Khan
or the robunds of failed dreams
were being ferried
by the heads of old men
whose bodies were no more

to clusters of stones
in the sky
called heaven:

words reek sweetly
in their wrinkled green skins
of molten jade

but who would king
the onion fingers
this purple velvet tool

a bee stool converges
on the amber dolmen's

old men's heads cluster together
to make the gondola
of a heavenly fool

and a heavy stone hand
evades the rule
of drooling starfish
lost in crystal omens

a fool reaches out of the fire
to grab the singing onion!