Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flute of Cheese For Head of Gas

a little shoe
for the gravy and giblets

donald sutherland
my home in
invasion of the body snatchers

a dolma is blooming
a dolma is blooming
the lamb of the doppelganger redemption
must house the arisen rice

it's nice
this rice arise
this grape leaf
which houses Matt Damon
in the body of Matt Dillon

Socratic Daimon
keeps Silenus
from illin'

her eyes wander sparkled
into round-led blackness

a little shoe
a pusher from the NW
beyond the Pearl

continent of its evertangling masses
the wise escarpment
O brisque hokey titania

however he makes
beaver chipmonk cheeks
in an old green house

grey eyes mimick
the ancient sea coast


like velour
among its graphic

rough moor
are you harboring
a primal scene?
Dr. Moriarty with
your mother...