Monday, December 19, 2011


feeding the tender garden
good for gain unknown
a silence forms the door
of an extending turbulence

sitting quietly in the scree
of a long wild vertical vulcanism
the modern concrete longhouse on stilts
reveals its lighthouse flashlight
to horizon's distance

the path is arduous
a bit silly
you come off looking mad
but then there's this amphitheater
enormous secret bowl
the monumental and central rustic fountain
half natural half bricolage
the strange plants and monkeys and lizards

the mirrored black gardener
carrying that exquisite luminous pink rod
the vibratory sounds which hound through
the ring of stone ovals at the periphery

the unique socket
where light and water
rear rare ova

Odysseus possessed
tears off the ropes
and dives overboard
to join the long pale
sirens singing