Friday, December 9, 2011

cabeza del viejo (Ant Anthropologetics)

playful glutton
the old man's head
was easily trained
to eat the local vermin

eat and eat dear old gulo-gulo
the organ in context
defies both mystery and

Humboldt's Kosmos Colaptes
is ashamed to argue
against such ideas

It is boring to bother
with classical sage
(Cinclus aquaticus)
for his sign says 'closed'
but it oozes something?

Defensin-like proteins?
An old man's head is odd
when it uses its bill
for electrolocation, or
is it elocution?

A branching stromatolite
houses many Lancelots
in Florida.

Each lives in its own
rosy fossa mulling over
the recession.

One of these these tiny
rose-knight fossies was called
Moleschott, an old man's head,
and it wrote the work called
Lehre der Nahrungsmittel
(Doctrine of Food) which says
quite clearly that skizzenbuchen
harbor a general chaotic ferment
of colorlessness and shapelessness.

Do you think a glutton's larva
takes on the hubris of its educators?

For all I know, there is a sticky ring
of tobacco soot around a cherry tree,
and here comes a human face made of aphids
or freek robunds, and carried
by Myrmecocystus.

That image is like a bubble
which just stops short of the surface
of the water, then reverses
and travels right back
to the roots.

That image is like a pedagogue
boasting of its own vainglorious humanity
to an embryo filled with honey-like juice.

That embryo is also gulo gulo.
It is none other than the hussy-glutton
Karl Vogt!

Solipsism's Barbarian Splendor,
or SBS is also a DLP, a
defensin-like protein.

It is made in the Grande Cru-ral Gland.
"Where that custom established itself..."
In a sweet gin heiress' vir-mouth,
Plato's Pussy, one of the last five