Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Discourse' surly bonheur

flooding impenetrable galleys
with the lucky clover now formed translucent
in bugbear symmetry and ornamentalized
by strangely hurled lenses of foaming snake prisons

glassine joy takes origami
to gamete math citadels
in the city of hurrah

changelings awaken
to the caress of milk-warmed eyelids
to display flowers mostly in close heads

faith the river of waiting
all definitions of sounding
the arc
a trifurcating box
whose label
yokes a wanton dissemination
among the pyrmaw
of these full and roseate

the givers of sun attar gignitives
the rowers of some Boerhaaveristic syndrome
in the common presence of Zoospinozan calumnies
all walled ex[pr](c)ess

La Mettrie at his plate of
pâte de faisan aux truffes

pagus von truffa
thryffle van anopsia,
pacchiarotto, and how he
worked in distemper

from "laden in a canalettoad"