Monday, December 12, 2011

chi_ra^leos chorêgetês

to pretend what's fair
the match
the Munich eaglet ogle
stick heavy with carving
for banderole
its character could not
refine the oiled
theoiliad, the illiad

ges gesi ges
gesu gesi gest
gesges to measure
a kind of stone
its code the god
of flatulence


its skin cannot hide
the windstorm in the bundle
'the peasant' as a name
for its writing pad

the unguent to protect
the runner
as reeds go flashing by
the colour of a goose' s
Umbrian tine

Calchas Battista in Pergola
MYRRH Oaxos misquoting

geuthmos serpyllum tmêgas ga_tomos (gelastic syncope)