Saturday, January 26, 2013

almong the lo (abstraction-penny-curse-shell-forever


almong the low shell
wet lithop bird crank bottomed
lever boat shell hole thick shell
chalk shell bat shell facing horizon
venus thick calcareous toenail windshield
oh Og on your high mountain abalone painting
saucers of caveo vyrms slinging pirriknees dugslipped
knotscrut hat ulll ullll ulllllll thik bluk rod rangler iron basket
dwellers singing latent ladle club your sloppy sloping ingot head
the bywaters of cavalreen swirling furt inmitree water sluice its drain
roots with a sucking of blue forts triad the pinched camel off navel
in a crush of blue forts fancy dress or uniform absolutely
necessary the delicate hand carved jade daggers to
release the colored maggots from the belly of
the rotting architect oh its paper sausage
in a dry green hut smeilling coofeey
in a rut the dumb numb its
screw would rather
hover in a thew
green teeth
hovering over
a poot thax rum-
mage in a tin baloney
by the sea of bricks piped
up to a pretty whistle of preying mantic
mudmasks dangle their sentry file funnel eyes
close tenebrusk the chaol awl'd luna she vite white'
clungened duce its slotch fed dudder flex wole agonder
then down if a punch in red slow dominoadies pug skull cute
the green saint francis carries a dirty mirror sphere and from the
far future Saint Francis is but a toe like a telepathic cactus grow
and that mirrsteel orb hovers 'bove a magnet dish like a clanky
chain in a dishwasher rubbing her deformed nipples across
the metal brushes like little toads you find sitting in your
bentley wet with wine frankly i don't need thick blue
glass dolls over all oh a crummy jaguar through the
spy house latte' loods then waxy psychedelic inter
ludes ink and milky tentacles carry the piano
player somewhere her wig is a million foot
lickers little boys tugging on the criminal
forced into a barrel who shirks like an
annelid the black cold dripping goo
oh i see a green caterpillar
emerge from the
hammered gold vagina
disappear into grey velvet
that coveres a biplane to be
the driver in a swamp a
doctor to pale jade girders
that stick from a rock
crimson cats lounge with
halos of sticker seeds oh there's
a lens at the end of the filip
pink braincells living free of the head their tenties
serene in nanotubes like a grid
ab-ray-ham i need the strawhat sorry we skeleton gunfighters
at bar are flipping quartiers cartoonist wrinkles
the heavy glass lantern seen alone like old siam
her i am courageous lost in metal and milk
a worm cut and drowning
now tuxedo cover the door don't go larry
not go in there no more
granny feeding baby on the couch who are they
old friends ronnie with his candles
painters on the block all shuffling to the loch
the gorgeous sailor got eaten by a shark
its landed in the national gallery
a fat woman in a bright red dress
has a single brow
oh how high can they pile mirrored letters thick and heavy as cows
feathered projectiles in this long hall they go proooft
a pilgrim lunging at donkey jote'
he speks in habstruct code
poiiso duuidyyg klwkej
now the little slave bowy with his pearl skull necklace
crown string
do we devise the confetti ladders
electric socket eyes
red fake diamond rockets her see through green gown in primitive feasting
oh a lace garment now is it captain
don't make a mystery novel in coal
i now know there's dust getting in my food
from the hinges of the cabinet
metal in my cereal
poor koalas touched by grey and thorny koofies
aww bang your ladle at the table
a she selx is burning like smoke
oh calligraphy over pixels and GO!
on a red hexagon
she stands smiling by the sphinx
complicated ripples
oil and spring letters cavorting
hooks and yu tweres
a yellow pencil flipping slowly
raspail the unwritten curtain
platypus thinks its ancient chinese tea egg pickle
oh jettison
oh wing diagram
oh happy human headed snake
your promise is hand gesture
Hugo at a four foot thick desk
balancing a bottle and bored by scratching
the dumb tongue
and drawed an animal eye on butter
with onyx scissors
ivory nest that breathes
that paint not icecream
a little boy smoking in a bathrobe
looking out over the place of untimely shopping
Carboxylic acid Venus Henry Adams
we stand together in a whoit boke
milk gushing from highrises
jean shrimpton you are a letter S
spina bifida occulta
its hirnia
its meningo

oh pure chambers
dropsy of furniture
its central leaves are tingling
blank cards they play
Virchow spinellane
its Nosean candor

Lake Laach
i sit with a broom
a thing-pole in a spin-house