Saturday, January 19, 2013


the emotion of the man
whose shoes are made of lung leather
the straining of the globular light
the ghost's sheet (erection)
text as such / the white pumpkin
and when it turns headless (muse)
Diogenes with Bertran de Born

hollow and sleepy
the emotion of the man
whose lungs like glass slippers
those lost prints we found (glass lung slipper stamps)
the drawing of the judges in their powdered wigs
use their gavels to break the sealing wax
which coats the head
the boiled egg inside the eraser

the emotion of the woman
whose skin as white as egg shell
lays beside the twin lung-shaped pools
the runway down between
her helmet a red rubber eraser
her shoes red rubber erasers
and the two mammoth urchins
one for each pool
trickle tiny bubbles
(a blank white bean is lost here)
which collect in the powdered wigs
whose thoughts are cutting
a jack-o-lantern face
out of whale's blubber

now the jack-o-lantern's
blubber face negative
is set out on a silver tray
and for an hour
do urge us

two red rubber eraser lungs
for rowboats
the emotion
Die Schulung - Indoctrination