Wednesday, January 23, 2013


prettoo - flan - somme high el
yah el fahtoo mah el
vall ala too
jokking fliercing shu by grue
and then

the complicated iron networks between the columns
welded on by means of brutal collars
bolted together like embracing C's
their flanges pierced with O's
and filled with T's whose
columns themselves are
embraced by O's
each collar giving iron linkages
one side "being electrocuted" the other free
except for the attenuated rungs which were useless
as the network was strong enough for climbing
the way a thing looks

ou - twere nal fassun gith le'
hay leff ou - tao -ham mal awl
chomme mith kru - ecru -val ou
nith coge nillriff in hush
the erg and neth
of brog
prettoo flawn almonts coom
nigh hith fleen shu
ya ellem
ma toe groon


dull writh its ludd
and leafy blood
the brass hole well

there is a carving of the beast
in the foundation
which boils with blue mud