Monday, January 28, 2013


in tin dent describing
the entire contents of the house
on broken bow road
its opposite the house
the found house (huff street)
in which the author found himself
after opening the unlocked door and walking inside
barefoot and cold in the winter rain
after escaping from the mental hospital
to find nothing except an empty house [and]
a lone blue plastic indian archer
with his bow pointed at the sky
at the top of a water heater in a closet
the tower of babylon it seems
hidden away

its warm water function it seems
to have no bearing
in the life of K.W. Nose
who cannot with propriety
be separated from lapis-lazuli

perhaps there is some good reason for all of this


I would not like to live in (Karma)
but sometimes I would.


for at either end of the string it may be a foodling (langue comestible),
but in the middle it is a 'being altering tour' [...]

Marc Lowenthal assumes its misery
is that of the incommunicable, whereas
its actual misery lies in the fact, that
the elements of its equation can be
adequately visualized, yet,
the equation itself cannot,
by sheer scale, and complexity,
however, here we are, living and
viewing the elements of the equation,
its sere singing, seer singing, frightened monkey,
is all of a piece.

It is all of a piece, a peace snubbed.