Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jars of Dins Arranged in Rosette

a tout fusing taints in a noose comes dancing like nature
(the age of these taints is certainly few, but may be loose crochet.
((Preempting  the tout, a small pole, the pole's ) point, the pool of diaries
[A cock is a more fair choice, the poltroon of diaries. which,
on tons of quiet fugues, they absently survive] all dangers.)
Few croissants amass these fictive jams with such avid)) angers
(as null, no footed intrigues parse sandals scented by their senders
[as parcels of liveries] saying: No levity passes more brusquely
than fevered green wheels (creaking fugues across a taint
[so grand is the subject's mirth, the fool's eye is food for a
((([[taint]]))) the age of the student can be pardoned, but
each evening, every evening, without chocolate, chalk,
or accidents, poor action duly trumps the satirical dialist.